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Turnin’ Wrenches

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Turnin’ Wrenches

John Wolfe Compton

On a cool and misty morning,
On a back road, without warning,
The engine died with a shutter,
And the TR refused to start.

And after investigation,
I coasted to the station,
And asked the kid behind the counter
Where I could find a part.

He pointed through the door,
To a man in twilight, on the floor
In a faded blue coveralls
Underneath on an old red Ford

But before my explanation
He knew the situation
And reached for the part I needed
Without saying a word.

Through my state of wonder
I began to ponder
How he knew the answer
To a question in my head

With no hesitation –
He offered consolation
Wiped his hands with an old shop rag
And this is what he said:

‘Happens to all of these models
Especially the 65’
Gonna cost about $3000 dollars
Also, if it was me, I’d replace the tires

I’m turning wrenches
Nuts and bolts, day by day
Jump suits and work benches
Just do what the boss man say

She needs new bearings
And I’d replace all the seals,
Take her down the road a bit
Tell me how she feels

I’m turning wrenches
Turing just a quick as I can
Transmissions, shocks and engines
Just people I don’t understand

spark plugs, Oil cap, fan belt, alternator,
fuel filter, battery, wiper fluid, radiator

Limited slip differential
Leaf-spring sus-pension
Super-charged mani-fold,
Posi trac Sport mode

Yea man, she’s a classic
Built to turn on a dime
Dual stromberg carburetors
And just listen to that 6-Inline

I’m turning wrenches
Radiators, reservoirs and leaks
If I can get parts, I can fix it
Just might take a couple of weeks

Turn a wrench
Diagnose a sound
Lift coming up –
Lift coming down

You Found It!

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.
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