Frankie’s Garden

S killfully weaving elements of folk-rock, synth-pop, punk and comedy, “Frankie’s Garden” provides listeners a brief (but exhilarating) six song glimpse into a day-in-the-life of Frankie, John Wolfe Compton’s beloved mix-breed canine companion. The album begins (logically) with “Wake Up”, an ode to Frankie’s morning routine. Featuring classical guitar, folky rhythms and a touch of strings, “Wake Up” gently eases us into Frankie’s anxiousness to “start the day”. “The Office” is next, as Frankie journeys to the corporate office with hints of country flair. “Dog Breath” introduces Frankie’s signature scent in a fever-dream, spoken-word commercial. Next, “Walkin’ The Path” is a pseudo-pop-punk tribute, to a wound-up dog, ready to take her morning walk. “Supermutt”, inspired by the results of Frankie’s dog DNA test, takes a left turn into an 80’s mesh of synths, drum machines and sound effects. Finally, the title track “Frankie’s Garden” hints at psychedelic, folk-rock, with swirling harmonies and complex chords progressions. Short, but impactful, “Frankie’s Garden” leads listeners to a comfortable, sonic respite for 11 happy minutes. Enjoy responsibly.


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The Store

Leash up to the adventure by owning an official Frankie shirt or hoodie! Not only are they stylish, but the comfy-level is extreme. And when you wear your Frankie apparel on the street and then you see another person wearing their Frankie apparel, there won’t be any need for words. Just a subtle nod will do. You’ll both have an unspoken, understood cosmic connection. Like, ‘This person gets it’. That’s what you’re getting when you purchase one of these shirts or hoodies. Plus, I get a very small cut, but that’s not what it’s about – it’s about connection. Are you catching my snow-drift cool cat?


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The Story

San Diego based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist John Wolfe Compton (me) blends folk, country, blues and rock into a comfortable musical blanket, worth wrapping yourself in, on a cool, autumnal evening. I would also include a warm beverage or craft brew. Frankie Dog (or Frankie Florencia Compton) came into our lives when my wife and I adopted her in the spring of 2019. She was just a tiny pup and seemed really confused at that moment. I soon found myself walking with Frankie and singing short verses about her quirks, adventures, or just how much she meant to us. Those tidbits soon became full songs, which I promptly recorded – mostly to impress my 7 year old nieces, as they were also mildly infatuated with Frankie. ‘These are the Songs that Frankie Knows’ was soon released, and after forced listening it received positive reviews from family and friends. I don’t think anyone else has heard it, except for maybe you. And if you have read this far then you have read further than just about anybody but me, and that makes us nearly great friends. Anyway, it seems other people have dogs and stinky dogs, and also love their dogs, etc. so if you have a dog or love dogs or just like songs about dogs, please enjoy!

The stinky dog receives a much needed bath.


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These Are the Songs That Frankie Knows

Don’t forget about the first album “These are the Songs that Frankie Knows”, featuring Frankie’s adventures as a stinky dog, on the farm, in her crate, and many more! Actually 7 songs in total, clocking in at just under 10 minutes. Worth a listen and it just might make you smile.

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