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Great Work. On Time. On Budget.

My Approach to Business,

Design & Development

When you work with me you partner with a top tier, award winning designer, who specializes in creativity, originality and focus. I approach every project like is a portfolio piece; there are no small parts.  It is my goal to work with you, helping your define your objectives and make your brand and message come to life. My tenets are loosely: Creativity. Originality. On time. On budget.  

My Tools

A small selection of essential programs and applications I use to design and create.

My Process

A very basic look at assessing client and project needs.

Deliverables Needed

Copy, design, web development, printed materials, and/or mailing.

Primary Audiences

Who are they, what do they care about and how will they interact with the marketing / advertising. What should be avoided in talking to these audiences?

Tone and Image

Funny and casual or formal? What do target audiences believe before your organization communicates with them and what tone and imagery will be most effective, specific visual goals.  


Features, Benefits and Value (Prioritize the top features and/or facts about the program, service or organization you’re marketing, and its value to target audiences. Outline how it compares to the competition. What’s the one sentence that summarizes its unique value? Other key points?

Budget & Schedule

What’s your budget range? When must the message get to the target audience for greatest impact? Due date for finished work?

Additional Information

Who is the point person on your organization’s side? What is the review and approval process? Who will sign off on final execution?

Clients for Life

Do a great job and keep them coming back. It’s my goal to keep all of my clients for life, by helping them be successful. There really are no shortcuts in great design – and if there were it wouldn’t benefit either of us if they were taken. Let’s work together to achieve next level, award winning branding, marketing and design. 

A Green Future

My Philosophy

Our job, as partners, is to embrace every new digital identity, branding and marketing opportunity. While printed creative will always be a part of society, its role is rapidly diminishing – thank goodness. Digital branding and advertising have become ubiquitous and are now on the verge of dominating the communication of visual identity for just about any brand. Personally, I hate the waste that newspapers, magazines, billboards and other disposable printed media created. As a designer, I am doing my best to design GREEN and encourage my clients to promote their brands in a way that is HELPFUL not HURTFUL to the environment and the earth. I hope you will join me in my quest to move branding, identity and marketing into a space that is GREEN.

You Found It!

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.
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