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Strong logos make strong brands. As the single most important aspect of identity and branding, the logo or mark is essential; It is the simple, yet effective tool you have to communicate who you are to the world – and hope they remember. A logo should be simple, memorable and sometimes evocative. Custom logo design includes: Initial meeting/client brief, two mock ups / revisions and the final logo package (vector files and various formats).

Style Guide

The carrier wave for your message. Choosing the right font can be just as important as the words they communicate. The connection, shape and motion of the letters communicate a vibe and intention that can emphasize (or diminish) your message.


The tactile, tip of the marketing spear. A well designed business card is like a firm handshake – it makes an impression of professionalism, seriousness and intent.


Keep your brand game consistent and locked tight. Often overlooked, having your logo and brand message on all forms of liaison (including email) is an important part of brand identity and consistency.


From simple landing pages to complex websites featuring shops and catalogs. WordPress provides the platform and a white-labeled multi-purpose theme called Salient provides the canvas for your strategy. Every site I create includes a suite of customized plugins which help you craft your message and protect your domain & website. Your brand and your message is communicated clearly and effectively.

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