The Foot that took the world by storm.

Although SoccerCitySD is now in the past, the legend of Footy McFooty Face will continue to live on in the heart and minds of San Diegans – and fictional mascot lovers around the world. Pull up a seat and learn about how SoccerCitySD pulled off a viral hit.

“Thanks to John Wolfe Compton's efforts, the client successfully secured many signatures on their campaign. Independent and talented, they brought the client's ideas to life with their creativity. Additionally, their work didn't need many revisions, leading to a fruitful and strong partnership.”

Andy AltmanDigital Marketing Lead, Soccer Coaching Company


Challenge: An outstanding , high-tech, high-touch service with poor branding.
Solution: A complete and total rebrand + website & marketing materials.

Branding & Identity

  • Complete Logo Package
  • Typography & Font Styles
  • Colors
  • Photography
  • Letterhead


  • Business Cards
  • 50 Page Sales Deck
  • 50 Page Investor Deck
  • Sumo Deluxe Brochure
  • Client Forms
  • Social Media

Website Build

  • WordPress Install
  • Salient Theme
  • Responsive / Desktop & Mobile
  • Anti-Virus & Spam Protection
  • Total Customization

Website Host

  • Domain Registration & Management
  • Web Host Setup
  • Pro Site Hosting Package
  • Daily Backups
  • Uptime & Speed Monitor
  • Daily Safe Updates
John Wolfe Compton | SoccerCity SD Website