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Interests, hobbies, passions, experiences and so much more than you ever wanted to know.

The Company Line


John Wolfe Compton is a full creative agency specializing in logos + branding, websites + SEO, creative services, media planning and social media campaigns. Visit our services section for more information on each specialty.


With over two decades of diverse experience spanning multiple industries, John Wolfe Compton has established himself as a dynamic entrepreneur and creative force in the Greater San Diego Area. As the founder and owner of John Wolfe Compton, a full-service creative agency since November 2015, he has led a team specializing in digital and print design, identity creation, and brochure-style websites. Catering primarily to small to medium-sized businesses on the West Coast, his agency has undertaken projects ranging from 5 to 50 thousand dollars, consistently delivering high-quality design solutions tailored to clients’ needs.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, John honed his creative expertise in various roles, including serving as a Creative Director in Marketing & Circulation at The San Diego Union-Tribune, the largest media provider in Southern California. During his tenure from January 2012 to November 2015, he managed a significant budget, overseeing the conceptualization and design process for advertising, marketing collateral, and digital campaigns. His contributions played a pivotal role in driving sales and advertising revenue for the publication, reflecting his strategic acumen and design prowess. John’s journey also includes stints as a Senior Graphic Designer at DiscoverSD, LLC, and as a Designer/Founder of Suntouch Design, where he demonstrated a commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions. His rich background culminates in a career marked by a relentless pursuit of creative excellence and business innovation, making him a respected figure in the San Diego business landscape.

SD Voyager Article (2024)

Professional Journey

2016 - Present

One Man Band | John Wolfe Compton

Parted ways with U-T San Diego and started John Wolfe Compton (original, I know) a one-man graphic and web design shop. Seems to be going pretty well so far.

2012 - 2015

Creative Director of Marketing and Circulation | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Meetings, Padres, Chargers, more meetings, printing, designing, San Diego community, providing input, leadership…and abandoning a sinking ship.

2011 - 2012

Senior Designer | Discover SD

An incredible job with incredible people. A sense of urgency and a need to party. I worked with just about every hotel, restaurant, and small business in SD (plus a few national and international brands). Heady days and a very exciting period of learning and growing. Bonus: I also met my wife here.

2008 - 2011

Co-Founder + Designer | Suntouch Design, LLC

The economy was in bad shape, so I joined forces with two friends and started a ’boutique digital agency’ specializing in websites. This was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life (everyone should start a business or two – at least once). High, highs and very low, lows. Starting a business is easy – keeping it going is tough. I don’t regret a minute. But it was a very difficult time in my life. Plus: We did have a cool office in Little Italy.

2004 - 2007

Senior Sound Engineer + Producer | Tuesday Productions

During this time I was a part-time field sound engineer and part time studio engineer (which are two completely different jobs that have to do with recording sound). When at Tuesday Productions, I was mostly a sound engineer, but occasionally added my input to the production of the songs (jingles).  When in the field, I worked with a three-man crew (Producer, Camera & Sound), between LA, Palm Springs and San Diego. I worked for Entertainment Tonight, Forensic Files, MSNBC, Spike, ESPN and many more. I met a lot of celebrities and also worked at the Academy Awards. I even spent five days on the USS Nimitz shooting for National Geographic. It wasn’t a very creative jobs, but it was challenging AND it taught me to be organized, on-time and professional.

2001 - 2003

Sound Engineer | Sound Surgeon Recording Studio

After moving to SD in the summer of 2001, I recorded an acoustic album at Sound Surgeon. When the session ended, I asked if I could intern and possibly use the studio at night. The owners agreed and gave me a key right then. I spent the next few years recording voice-overs and music during the day and experimenting with my own music (and friends) at night.

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