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The Taco Shoppe

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Taco Shop

Words and Music by John Wolfe Compton

24 hours a day,
seven days a week
The taco shop is always open
and that can’t be beat

Two chicken tacos, a little piece of heaven
Hit up my local shop, by the 7-11
Carne asada, pollo and carnitas
Wash it all down, with Cadillac margaritas

Habanero quesadilla, I wouldn’t want to be yo
Your stomach can’t handle, stick to the tapatio
I’m taco shop rich, I got the extra guac
You’re sweet, but can’t compete with the churros I got

Taco Shop

Nachos piled high, extra-super supreme
Grilled chicken topped off with, guac and sour cream
Mix the french fries, with the carne asada
Now you gotta go buy, an extra-large horchata

Picking up burritos, like a bandito
Not too spicy, Yo soy just a gringo
It’s no shocker, I might need a doctor
I eating my way, from OB to Oaxaca

Taco Shop

Eating al pastor, she asked me, “What for?”,
I passed her eyes, like I was Louis Pasteur
I said, “I’ll chill for a while, but you’re in denial,
You could never bite, my Taco Shop style”

California burrito and make those fries crispy
Never try another it’s just too risky
Dos chelas frío, with a nice big meal
Put your hands in the air if you know how I feel!

Taco Shop

“The Taco Shoppe” John Wolfe Compton, Shelter in Place (2020)

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