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Words and Music by John Wolfe Compton

I love the movies, I’ve seen everyone
I’ll write a screenplay, it could be fun
The protagonist, he’s a lot like me
Just looking for, a way to get free

Some motivation, some catchy snaps
A blood oath and a death pact
Now I’ve got the plot, my cast is set
a few rewrites and it’s a sure bet


Here’s my vision, it’s all on the page
It’s easy to do, in this modern age
It will be artwork, it will make you feel
Let’s make a film, let’s make something real

So I bought a camera, called a few friends
Rented a tux, and a mercedes benz
Learned some tricks, fed my crew
We’ll finish shooting in a week or two


I can barely take it, I know it’s gonna make it
to the big, silver screen
Gonna risk it all, I’m gonna get that call
saying, pack your things –
Come on home, come on home
to California!

My first submission to the film fest
It’s made with love, but will it pass the test?
The audience laughs, then cries at the end
Let’s cross our fingers, and pray for the win

Now I’ve got an idea, for the next one,
A-list actors, with a couple guns,
a big budget summer, blockbuster hit,
I just need to write it, when I get a minute


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