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Ceremony Suite

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Ceremony Suite

Words and Music by John Compton

Through the fog , of the evening
by the light, of the fire
hear our song, we are calling
find the path through the dark

Look into the mystic’s gaze Red and gold, the fire’s blaze
Hear the cat’s hum-ming phrase Summer love will come your way

The cat lottery is on its way Its just a phrase of grateful days
A harmony of two to stay and we will sing together each and every day

The sunlight’s red glow over the ocean
Filling my mind the light of the day
I couldn’t know all this emotion
I’ll never know Just what to say

Oh the gypsy caught me
Oh the fire taught me
Oh I could not be
Without you my love one single day

The black is bright the night is right
Run along the oceanside the moon is on your side

Feel the flame I call your name
Dance like a ghost through the smoke’s electric game

Come within see her spin
The sonic lottery is about – to begin!

Ahhh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh

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