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Back to the Start

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Back to the Start

Words and Music by John Wolfe Compton

Now we’re back just where we started
And sometimes it’s as though
We never parted,

Back to the start
Of our love

Back into the same confusion
Of misunderstandings and illusions

Back to start
Of our love

Cause I’d surely cry without your love
Cause I’d surely die, without your love
But so don’t say goodbye, my love
Let’s just return to the start and lock away
These awful hearts

Back into the petty give and take
Cause you know just how my heart

Right from the start,
Right from the start

Saving up your precious lies,
Knowing just what to
Right from the start
Right from the start

But I know your lies, my love
I know your disguise, my love
But don’t say goodbye, my love
Just return to the start and give it one more try

Now it’s not right when I hold
As all your lies come back
To mold you
Made at the start
Made at the start

Of the poorly patched holes
Already there
Made at the start
Made at the start

But I see the light, my love
And this is goodbye, my love
And don’t even try, my love

Well it’s time to fly my love
Just past the end

“Back to the Start” Compton-Foster, West of the Five (2001)

“Back to the Start” Compton-Foster, Survive! (2003)

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