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I n the dynamic world of startups and business ventures, the value of a compelling pitch deck can’t be overstated. My recent engagement with Brett Adcock on X (formerly Twitter) – CEO and founder of Figure, a humanoid robot company, and Archer Aviation, among others – highlighted this fact vividly. Adcock shared 10 pitch decks that collectively raised an astonishing $15 billion, underscoring the pivotal role these presentations play in capturing investor interest and securing capital, especially for nascent enterprises.

Drawing from my experience in crafting pitch decks, I’ve selected three exemplars from my portfolio, each instrumental in securing substantial investments and fostering sustainable revenue for the respective companies. While they may not have raised billions, they notably garnered several million in funding. Let’s delve into these success stories: Revolution Ordering, Wilderness Safaris, and Sustenio Solar.

The Importance of a Pitch Deck for New Companies

For startups and new companies, a pitch deck is not just a presentation; it’s the narrative of their vision, potential, and promise. It serves several critical functions:

First Impressions Count

It’s often the first detailed insight investors get into your company. A well-crafted deck sets a strong, positive first impression.
Clear Communication of Vision and Strategy: It concisely articulates the company’s vision, mission, strategy, and the problem it aims to solve.

Demonstration of Market Potential

A good pitch deck convincingly showcases the market opportunity and the company’s unique position to capitalize on it.

Financial Projections and Needs

It transparently presents financial needs, projections, and how the investment will be utilized to drive growth.

Case Studies

Revolution Ordering: Revolutionizing Restaurant Ordering


Company Overview: Specializing in restaurant ordering technology, Revolution Ordering has been at the forefront of digitizing and streamlining the dining experience.

Pitch Deck Strategy: The deck highlighted the technology’s ease of integration, user-friendliness, and its potential to significantly boost restaurant revenues. Real-world data and testimonials from early adopters created a compelling narrative of success and scalability.

Outcome: The pitch deck was instrumental in securing vital funding, enabling the company to expand its reach and refine its technology.

View the Revolution Case Study

Wilderness Safaris: Bespoke African Adventures


Company Overview: Wilderness Safaris stands out in the luxury travel sector, offering personalized, eco-friendly trips to Africa’s most breathtaking locales.

Pitch Deck Strategy: The deck was an immersive journey in itself, featuring stunning visuals of African landscapes and wildlife. It emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability, exceptional customer experiences, and the growing trend towards responsible tourism.

Outcome: The visually rich and emotionally engaging deck succeeded in attracting investors keen on supporting sustainable and high-end travel experiences.

Sustenio Solar: Powering Sustainable Futures


Company Overview: As an EPC company, Sustenio Solar focuses on Commercial and Industrial solar projects, driving the transition to renewable energy.

Pitch Deck Strategy: The deck presented a compelling case for renewable energy, backed by robust data and case studies. It detailed Sustenio Solar’s expertise in project management, design, and execution, alongside its impressive track record.

Outcome: The pitch effectively communicated the company’s technical prowess and market potential, leading to significant investment for scaling operations.

T he examples of Revolution Ordering, Wilderness Safaris, and Sustenio Solar illustrate the transformative power of a well-executed pitch deck. It’s a vital tool that not only seeks investment but also establishes a company’s identity and vision. As these success stories demonstrate, a thoughtfully crafted pitch deck can be a cornerstone in a company’s journey towards growth and market leadership.

Pitch Decks Which Raised Over $15B

From Brett Adcock’s Post, “10 pitch decks that raised $15 Billion

Archer Aviation

Raised $1.1B
Valuation $2.7B

Pitch Deck

Hims & Hers

Raised $233M
Valuation $1.6B

Pitch Deck

Pole Star

Raised $2.4B
Valuation $21B

Pitch Deck

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