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On The Farm

Words and Music by John Wolfe Compton

Jump in the truck, we’re taking a drive, happy tail wagging side to side
I sniff the air and realize, hooray! we’re going to the farm

Fast as I can, I zoom through the gate, got to find my cousins and I just can’t wait
We all bark ‘hello’ and life is great, I love it here, on the farm

On the farm, I’m a grand-dog, on the farm, I’m allowed on the couch
Wherever you want, you can pee, on the farm you are free!

Eating treats, and sticks and hay, running and barking and playing all day
If you could understand me, I would say, Somebody take me to the farm

Horses and chickens and donkeys and goats, barking at the sounds I just don’t know
I’m a farm dog, and I never want to go, I belong here on the farm

The farm is fun, but it just can’t last, I’m getting stinky, and I need a bath
Eating horse manure and and I smell real bad, I might need a break from the farm

On the farm, life is great, but sometimes I miss my crate
And dog beach, it’s first rate, ok, I’m done with the farm

Back from the farm and it was fun, but now I need to lie in the sun
I’m a sleepy puppy and my day is done, but tonight I’ll dream of the farm

“On The Farm” John Wolfe Compton, These Are the Songs That Frankie Knows (2021)

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