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Pursuing Eyes

By Lyrics1 min read

Pursuing Eyes

Words and Music by John Wolfe Compton

When I walked into the room,
I thought I was alone
But, then I felt a creepy vibe,
as if someone else was home
I turned and saw you on the wall,
your portrait, oh so true
Just when I turned to look back to look,
you’re following my every move

Pursuing eyes, they won’t let me by
Pursuing eyes, got me hypnotized
Pursuing eyes, my oh my,
Pursuing eyes, I can’t deny,
Those pursuing eyes

I tried to have somebody over
For a friendly night
But those eyes just followed me
Wouldn’t let me out of their site

So I went out for a drink,
Take in my local scenes
But when I went to sleep
Those eyes just followed me in my dreams

Pursuing eyes, won’t let me by
Such a smooth pursuit, how do you do it?
Those evil ways, in your ubiquitous gaze.

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