The Rowing Season Starts Here.

The Crew Classic is not only an athletic event with competitors at the peak of physical fitness, but a social gathering for enthusiasts to enjoy great local food, a beer garden stocked with San Diego’s legendary craft brews, and shopping, all while soaking in Mission Bay and the San Diego sunshine.


Challenge: A classic, San Diego event & culture, needing a new look and feel.
Solution: A complete and total rebrand + website & marketing materials.

Branding & Identity

  • Logo Package
  • Typography & Font Styles
  • Colors
  • Photography

Website Build

  • WordPress Install
  • Salient Theme
  • Responsive / Desktop & Mobile
  • Anti-Virus & Spam Protection
  • Total Customization

Website Host

  • Domain Registration & Management
  • Web Host Setup
  • Pro Site Hosting Package
  • Daily Backups
  • Uptime & Speed Monitor
  • Daily Safe Updates


  • Print Ads
  • Dynamic Digital Ads


This project is worthy of an award because it meets and exceeds all of the criteria a great logo should have. It’s a GREAT logo – ask anybody. It’s a representation of the soul of the organization + the input of the board, multiplied by the designer’s skill and intuition.

Creating a great logo is one of the most difficult tasks in design; It has to strike a careful balance between being simple and unique enough to recognize in an instant, yet somehow communicate a company or client’s brand story with genuine charm. Yep, it’s quite a task. It’s the first in, last out, boots on the ground, heavy weight, do-it-all member of the design family. And once a brand has settled on their logo, they rarely change it.

I could get into the specifics of the imagery, balance, color (not to mention the utility and practical aspects) but I won’t. I won’t because a great design is like hitting a great chord – you don’t need to be a musician to know that it just feels right.

Look, this design probably won’t change the world, but next time you see the Crew Classic logo – you will recognize it. There’s a reason The Beatles scored a few #1 spots, and it’s not because they tried to jam in as many notes as they could. It’s because you’re left humming the tune.