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Words and Music by John Compton

we could spend a hundred years
debating our fears
letting the fears roll by

we could smile and laugh
recalling the past
until we’re left silent and sighing

let’s live for today
just give your love away
when I hold you close
it quiets my soul
you know

we could watch time run out
without a doubt
that our path was narrow but high

we could turn our hearts
to find matching parts
and cast our dreams aside

but dreams do have power
like sunlight to a flower
when you hold them close
it quiets your soul I know

and baby don’t worry
we’re doing fine
as long as I say yours
and you stay mine

we could stay in one place
forgetting the pace that once took us so high
we could curve and bend to reach the end
when we have the option to fly

so reach out your wings
float on the breeze that love brings
when you hold it close
it quiets your soul,
everybody knows
everybody knows

“Options” Compton-Foster, Survive! (2003)

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