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One More Ride

By Lyrics2 min read

One More Ride

Words and Music by John Compton

Waking up super early, just to get to my break,
Load up the boards and start driving, before I’m even awake
My heart pumping faster, when Bird said
“It’s a nice day for surfing, two foot overhead”
Now the sun is coming out, and my friends have gone inside
But I just gotta stay and catch one more ride

I’ve been waiting all year for this epic swell
So how long I’ll be out I just can’t tell
I never bring a watch, ’cause I don’t wanna know
and if it keeps getting better, I just can’t go
My girlfriend is pissed, and I’ll probably get fired
but I just gotta stay and catch one more ride

Now the waves are super glassy, smooth in the moonshine
All the surfers have gone home, leaving just me behind
When I saw a 20 footer, lining up outside
I paddled into position, and just let my board slide
When the lifeguard revived me, I pulled him to my side
They said, “What does he want?” He said, “One more ride.”

One more ride
One more ride
One more ride

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