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Maggie May

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Maggie May

Words and Music by John Wolfe Compton

Oh Maggie May
You’re only two months away
Lonely in my bedroom
Waiting for the day

You can be mine
And California be ours
Ride the tides of the ocean
Like the moon and the stars

We can travel by train
Or we can walk just the same
Lay back in my arms like
The breeze on the plain

I said, ain’t life a bore
On this blackwater shore
Feels like time is running out
Of her endless store

Oh Maggie do you want to stay?
Well I, I don’t live today
Oh, Maggie may
I said come on little girl
Let’s be on our way

We used to run through the creek
Everyday of the week
And dream about the places
That we might seek

Well the time is alright
So don’t put up a fight
Grab my hand little girl
And run into the night

Oh Maggie do you want to stay?
Well I, I don’t live today
Maggie I’m sorry to say
But we’ll meet again some other day

Goodbye Maggie May
We had fun I should say
Living in a dream
For only one day
I’m off to the West coast
Look for me by post
Tell your friends all to visit
They’re gonna dig it the most

“Maggie May” Compton-Foster, West of the Five (2001)

“Maggie May” John Wolfe Compton, Another Beautiful Day (2005)

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