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India Suite

Words and Music by John Wolfe Compton

On a Plane

Words and Music by John Compton
Workin’ so hard for a flight,
Now we’re pushing along to the right
4000 miles or so, 7 miles below
India is coming in sight

I’m on a plane
I’m on a plane
To India!

Watching the moon light the sky
watching the people slip by
Van keeps on playin’
Everyone’s sayin’
Just don’t you go to Mumbai

I’m on a plane
I’m on a plane
To India!

Reading books, checking out the news
Finding my way
Dreaming of – an Indian sun
Through my rainy days

Just about an hour to go
Wondering who’s gonna show
The man and his bride
are waiting inside
And Delhi is starting to glow

I’m on a plane
I’m on a plane
To India!

India Gate

If you love me
come to India gate
At midnight
and don’t you be late!

We will leave here
and be on our own
I’ll find work
I’ll be Answering phones

We’ll be happy
and find our fate
and we’ll start it
under India Gate


You will die, under my car
If you try to walk past
Oh softies, how long will this last?
Locked in tight, Cars on the road
he’s not your concern
Oh, Softies will you never learn?

If you want,  to get home
anytime soon
Oh softies, there’s just no room
You cant drive, on the Delhi
city road
Oh, Softies don’t do what they’re told

Stop the Madness / Slow Down!

Finding my way around Canaught Place
I see the eyes of every face
oh, someone stop this mad chase!

Going in circles going underground
I hear a voice in every sound
Just give me time to look around
Got no shelter,  no place to hide

I think we’ve got to get inside!

Stop the madness, the madness of this place
I think I need some mace
stop the madness its going too far
stop the madness we don’t know where you are!

The state of the street its more than one can bare
It can be unfair

Jantar Mantar

Check the solar position
the cause of our condition
Planetary revolutions
Pushing our evolution

Follow the sign,
for generations of design
jantar mantar, the future has begun
how close can you follow the sun?

jantar mantar, look to the skies
It’s science — with stars in your eyes

Dilli Haat

My friend, I’m so glad you stopped in
I have some eloquent pashminas
Fine shoes and silk bedspreads
Pashminas with fine designs

Handmade crafts of every kind
curtas, and bangles, shoes all fine
Its a bargin just give me time
rashani folk band in the square

walking around, people stare
loose my friends, I don’t care
Its Dilli Haat so I’ll buy a new pair

I’ll give you 500  – not rupee more
Ok 550, I’m walking out the door
600, that’s my final price
I payed 700, but damn I look nice

Monkey Picture Charge

If you’re on your way to Agra
and the driver steps out to pay a fee
be completely sure, you’ve locked the door
for you could be touched by my monkey

If you are going to flash my monkey
be prepared to pay the price
for if you do and then you don’t
he won’t be very nice

Bangin on the door
madam I want more
you took a picture of my monkey
Your money I implore

Monkey picture charge
Monkey picture charge
On my monkey there’s a smile
But you know that’s just his style

Just sitting still, we won’t pay the bill
the monkey sticks out his tongue
No monkey manners,

Kingfisher Commercial (60 Sec)

On a dusty day, when the sun is hot
I need a beer that’s cold
Smooth and refreshing, bold, with a bite!
There’s only one way to go!


maximum taste refreshment!

Ice cold and heaven sent

From Lodi Garden to Humyan tomb,
Buzzing around India gate
I’ve got a thirst for a beer that’s cold
and I just can’t hardly wait!

As many as I can get

Kingfisher, maximum taste refreshment!

I’ll take one, well –
better make it two
If I don’t get three
I don’t know what I’ll do!

Hey Automan,
get me there fast
I don’t know how long
I can last!

Kingfisher, maximum taste refreshment!

“On a hot day, nothing refreshes quite like
the smooth taste of an ice-cold Kingfisher beer.
Made with all natural ingredients,
Kingfisher enhances the taste sensation of spicy Indian food,
and goes great with pizza and burgers.

Hey man, have a Kingfisher! (bottle opens and glugs into a glass)
Maximum taste refreshment!

Rickshaw Race


Indian Wedding Montage


We’re spinning in the street to a brass band
Bryce is on a white horse And we don’t understand
Anything – but we just keep on spinning
with our fingers in the air for its just the beginning

Aditi Arrives  

Under a vail of flowers she enters the room
We stand breathless beside the groom
she’s shining like a star
and for a moment the very best of all we are

Shoe Chase

Hey man, give me back my shoe
I though someone would try, but not you!
Hey cousin brother, where were you?
keep an eye on my shoe, that was all you had to do!

Flower Shower

Its 2 am / the path has been traced
7 rings around the fire / we have embraced
Vows have been spoken, a knot has been tied
So let the flowers  / take to they sky!


You Found It!

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.
o. (619) 365-5841