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I’ll Be Fine

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I’ll Be Fine

Words and Music by John Compton

To the ones who live in the gloaming, not the grey
In the burning of the sunset, and the dawn of the day
Whose heart and who whose soul and whose mind are away
There’s really nothing you can say

For my path is before me, illuminated like a line
with the moon and the stars mapped in my mind
and the bold colors of the world, left for me to go and find
but don’t worry, no don’t worry,
I’ll be fine

Well I may not have, the things others might
May be stumbling in darkness, when others see the light
But to judge which way is wrong and which way is right
that freedom is mine

And to those that I left, I can’t apologize
for the only thing a person really owns is their time
Some day I’ll return, until then I’ll see what I can find
So don’t worry (x3)
I’ll be fine

The years they will pass if you play this game
and as the years pass your home it will change
for only one place will ever stay the same
that’s the home in your mind / the one you might find

So keep rambling and rolling, and seeking a rhyme
looking for a place with a woman that is kind
but somehow I don’t think there’s an end to this line
but don’t worry (x3)
you’ll be fine

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