John Wolfe Compton has partnered with Applied Sense to provide a new level of enterprise quality hosting and support. We provide website hosting on Amazon AWS servers, specializing in WordPress. We offer speed, security and support.  



Website Hosting
Wordpress Maintenance
Core (Operating System Updates)
Plugin Updates


Speed – Lighting fast
Security – The highest level of protection
Pricing Competitive Pricing
Backups Just In Case
Support – Help When You Need It

Big Box Hosting Solutions

Pain Points

  • Slow
  • Crowded Servers
  • No Security or Payment Add-On
  • Corporate Hassle
  • Poor Customer Service

Pain Relief

  • Fast servers
  • Excellent Security
  • Small and simple
  • Responsive & knowledgeable

What’s Next?

Transfer Process

  1. COPY: JWC creates a copy of your site and begins the transfer process. During this time, we request you do not make any changes or updates of any kind to your website.
  2. TEST: JWC will post your site on a staging server to ensure the site is working properly, before changing the DNS settings. Clients are requested to review the site functionality and approve.



Q. JWC maintains my website, but it is currently hosted on another server (ie. GoDaddy).

A. We will make a copy of your site and transfer it free of charge.