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Principia Research Institute (homepage)

Amplify your university application with an unparalleled extracurricular advantage that showcases your intellectual curiosity and initiative. Collaborate with experienced mentors to produce a standout research project, highlighting your unique qualities. [ APPLY NOW ]

  • Stand out in the competitive landscape of college admissions. 
  • Gain valuable pre-college experience. 
  • Dive into your passions. 
  • Demonstrate your dedication and problem-solving skills.


Does your child love learning and have various strong interests? This is the perfect opportunity to sign them up for an independent research project. This research experience will not only help them build strong foundational skills that will benefit them during their college years but also allow them to pursue an academic or extracurricular interest in a meaningful way. 


Pick your program

All programs include:

  • One-on-One Mentorship
  • Individualized Support 
  • 3 Rounds of Submissions


We will guide you towards submission to one or more of the following: 

Journal Publication: Prestigious High School or College Level Journals  

Start your journey toward scholarly recognition today.


Competition: Prestigious STEM/ Science Fairs or Humanities 


Symposium/Research Conference-Poster presentations, Research Workshops, Symposium Presentations


Elevate your chances of college success by showcasing your capacity for research in a competitive domain. 




About Us

Our venture began at the heart of the admissions process, where we recognized the transformative power of research in elevating a student’s profile. Fueled by this realization, we established Principia Research Institute, a platform dedicated to connecting students with experienced mentors who guide them in creating standout research projects. Our program is designed to transcend geographical boundaries and provide students from around the world with access to mentors who champion their ideas. Join us at Principia Research Institute and let’s unlock the power of research together.


Feature bios: Leelila, Ernie, Chris Menone, James, Min 

Include headshot and bios


Research Programs


Principia Endeavor 

  • 2-3 months
  • 10 sessions
  • Price: $4000
  • Goal: 2000-word research paper submitted to a variety of contests and publications


Principia Explorer  

    • 4-5 months
    • 20 sessions
    • Price: $7000
    • 3000-4500 word research paper submitted to a variety of contests and publications
  • How long is each session
  • How much paying per person 
  • Prep time cost
  • Estimate of gross


Principia Challenge

  • 6-8 months
  • 30 sessions
  • Price: $9000
  • Goal: 5000-8000 word research paper submitted to a variety of contests and publications


The Principia Process

Step 1: Get paired with one-on-one with a mentor based on research idea


Step 2: Work with mentor to explore, discuss, and finalize the topic choice 


Step 3: Identify the research questions and create the outline


Step 4: Write the research paper or journal publication with mentor support 


Step 5: Make final edits and submission for evaluation 


Step 6: Meet with a mentor to submit the final product


*Principia Research Institute does not guarantee publication. Instead, we offer assistance with up to three rounds of submissions to high-school or college-level journals that have a selective process.

Research Categories


3 columns:


STEM Topics including: 


Data Science

Computer Science









Environmental Studies


Humanities Topics including:







International Law




Social Sciences Topics including:  


Gender Studies



*Students may choose a customized research topic if the list above does not currently align with their interests.


Featured Projects-ask Leelila for past student projects

  • Social science, history, STEM 



  • submit application online

Apply for Principia using the provided application link. The application review process can take up to 6 weeks. An email will be sent out with the final decision. If your application does not immediately qualify you for Principia, you are welcome to expand your resume and return for another try.


  • matched with mentor 

Principia will match you with one of our experienced mentors based on your expressed area of interest. 


  • begin your program

Once matched, you and your mentor will set a start date for beginning your research program. You are officially on your way to becoming a Principia Research Institute scholar! 


The ideal candidate will have strong academic credentials, exhibit a genuine passion for learning, and be self-motivated to find the answers. 


Student Results

Our student research has been showcased at prestigious events, publications, and competitions including:

  • Michigan AI Symposium 
  • Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair
  • The Concord Review 
  • The Concord Review Emerson Prize
  • National Writing Board (score of 5 or higher)
  • Yau Science Award 
  • Journal of Research High School (JRHS)
  • National Institute of Health (NIH) 
  • University of Michigan Undergraduate Research Journal 
  • Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference 
  • John Locke Global Essay Competition


Schedule Meeting-google form with preferred date and time zone (gmail) 




What is Principia Research Institute?

Principia Research Institute is a personalized research program designed to motivate students who are looking for unique programs and mentorship from our expert mentors. 


What programs are available? 

Please click here to view our available programs. (link to programs page) 


What is the pricing/packaging? 

There is a deposit fee at the time of application submission. 

Please click here for the price breakdown for each program. (link to program page) 


How are meetings conducted with mentors?

Students and mentors will meet 1:1 via Zoom or Google Meet. Mentors will contact the student and schedule available times for both parties. 


How is the research topic chosen?

Students can come with any topic in mind or work with our mentors to come up with a topic of their choosing. 


How often do I meet with my mentor?

This will depend on the program chosen and the research topic. 


When are applications due? 

4 due dates-seasonal 

Depending on the program or competition, mentors will create a detailed timeline with the student to ensure timely completion and submission. 


What happens if I don’t get accepted into the program?

You are eligible to re-apply to a future cohort. 


Will the research program and competitions help my child get into a top tier school?

For students who submit research with their college applications are 50% more likely to be accepted to a top school. However, there is no guarantee that your child will be accepted to a top tier school by signing up with Principia, but students who have worked with us in the past have significantly increased their chances of acceptance to an Ivy+ school. For more information, please look at our acceptances page. 


Apply Now-link to application  

Project Overview

Webflow website for an education consulting company. Branding will be similar to the parent brand Atomic Mind 


Client will provide:

  • Logo
  • Stock Images
  • Shared Google Doc with Navigation Structure & Content

Client Likes:


Timeline | 4 Weeks

  1. Week 1 | Asset Collection
    1. Logo High Res Format
    2. Branding Styles including Colors, Fonts & Any Additional Icons, etc
    3. Stock Images
    4. Shared Google Doc
    5. DNS Information – Registar Login (Google, Godaddy, etc)
    6. Contact Information for Google Services
  2. Week 2 – 3 | Website Build
    1. Graphic design
    2. Web page layout
    3. Continuous testing
  3. Week 4 | Finalize Website
    1. Cross Platform Testing
    2. DNS Switch Live

Completion Date

ASAP. Provided all assets are received, estimated completion date one month, 5/5/2024.

Business Details

Project Services

Research & Discovery

  • Style Guide Review
  • Review project details and existing creative and/or styles.
  • Demographic, project, etc

Client Liaison

  • Email, Phone, etc
  • Weekly process reports / questions, etc. with client

Development Site

  • Webflow Account
  • Webflow FTP Access Setup
  • Webflow configured hosting solution
  • Webflow Staging Setup Dev site on

Implementation / Build

  • Webflow Template
  • Webflow customization, including page design

Infographic + Stock Image Compress / Resize

  • Custom Page Setup

Google Services

  • Search Console (tracking google searches of your site)
  • Install Google tracking codes and create accounts for Google services.
  • Analytics (tracking visitors to your site)
  • reCaptcha (security for form submission)


  • Populate assets / Info
    Converting the content into beautiful web pages.

Platform | Browser / OS

  • Test the site across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Device (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile)

DNS Switch

  • Launch | Continue Testing

Hosting Management & Administration (1 Hour / week @ 52 weeks)

  • Basic Admin Question / Assistance
  • This includes a year of support and emergency site issues

Client Brief 3/14/24

Completed by Stephanie Chen

Deliverables Needed
Copy, design, web development, printed materials, and/or mailing.
Design and web development for a new website.

Primary Audiences
Who are they, what do they care about and how will they interact with the marketing / advertising. What should be avoided in talking to these audiences?
Audience are students (8th-12th grade) and parents of those age range children. We are an education consulting company and offer high touch services to our clients. We want the marketing to target parents as they will spend the resources on their kids.

Tone and Image
Funny and casual or formal? What do target audiences believe before your organization communicates with them and what tone and imagery will be most effective, specific visual goals.
Casual to formal. Simple and elegant design.

Features, Benefits and Value (Prioritize the top features and/or facts about the program, service or organization you’re marketing, and its value to target audiences. Outline how it compares to the competition. What’s the one sentence that summarizes its unique value? Other key points?
We want to feature our new product, which is the research program and the value is allowing kids to pursue their passion project outside of the classroom and enter various competitions.

Budget and Schedule
What’s your budget range? When must the message get to the target audience for greatest impact? Due date for finished work?
Target finished work is ASAP-we want to get this site launched and ready to go. Budget-I think depending on how many hours you think it takes to get this going and completed but 2-5K?

Who is the point person on your organization’s side? What is the review and approval process? Who will sign off on final execution?
I will be the point person on my organization side. Review and approval with be our CEO and she will sign off on final execution.

Additional Information
Any unique perspective or specifications you need to share design wise?
Can discuss in more detail!

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